Point Perfect – Point Turner & Mini Clapper

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The Point Perfect Pressing Tool and Mini Clapper is handcrafted from a variety of beautiful hardwoods by Dan Tracy from Dan Tracy Designs. Turn perfect points and use it trap steam in the fabric to flatten seam allowances in tight spaces


I designed this pressing tool while filming The Perfectly Fitted Shirt Class for While I was working on collar samples, I was not completely happy with my traditional bamboo point turner. I thought if it could be a little wider so that it was more similar to the shape of the collar points, it would work better. With Point Perfect, I found that I could turn the collar right side out and manage the seam allowances all in one step.

The Point Perfect Pressing Tool is also an amazing mini clapper. It works great to press seam allowances flat and to create creases. Use it like a traditional clapper. Steam the fabric and press down with the spade shaped end of the tool to trap the heat and steam. Plus, it’s unique shape allows you to press small areas where a traditional clapper is too large.


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