The Perfectly Fitted Shirt Workbook


This is a companion workbook to the Perfectly Fitted Shirt Pattern. Follow Step-by-Step instructions to making fitting your Cup-Sized Fitted Shirt Pattern.


The Perfectly Fitted Shirt Workbook is  a companion for The Perfectly Fitted Shirt Pattern. Learn how to adjust your pattern for a perfect fit using a fit muslin. Start by picking the best size to work with.  Then sew a Fit Muslin. You will use the Fit Muslin to determine how to adjust your pattern. There is a detailed worksheet to help you keep track of your pattern adjustments. Easy to follow step-by-step instructions for a variety of common fitting issues.  Learn how to adjust the length of the shoulder, the position and fullness of the bust, add ease and much more.

I also teach a class on that will take you from fitting to construction – The Perfectly Fitted Shirt



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