Decorative Reverse Flatlock vs. Decorative Flatlock

Hey Everyone.    I’m so excited about my new Yoga Pants Pattern.  I’m busy working on the instructions and pattern.  Also, I want to have some video tutorials ready to go when I release the pattern.  When I was making my samples, I played with decorative seams.  Today I want to show you how to do a decorative reverse flatlock.  In today’s video tutorial, Decorative Reverse Flatlock vs. Decorative Flatlock I’ll show you how.  Plus, I thought it would be fun to show you that these two stitches are two sides of the same coin.  This is one of my favorite techniques  because it’s both attractive and utilitarian.  I did a little color blocking to make my first pair.  Using a black and metallic silver Woolly Nylon with a decorative reverse flatlock added something special to the seams.  I think it helps make a nice transition along the color blocked seams.

I had some scraps of my black Performance Sports Knit that I used to color block with the new gray color.  The pattern pieces are rather skinny because there are three panels for each leg.  If you have leftover black from making the original yoga pants pattern… you would only need a yard of gray (or other contrasting color) to make this version.  The length of the back leg (size xl) is 33″ long.  I cut the side pieces out of black and the center front and back pieces out of gray.

To sew the pattern pieces together, I used a decorative reverse flatlock stitch.  The decorative reverse flatlock stitch is really just the reverse side of the decorative flatlock stitch.  The reason why I like it is because it shows as a delicate ladder created by the needle thread.  The decorative flatlock stitch is formed by the upper looper thread and the needle thread.  This is pretty too… just more pronounce.  In addition to the appearance of the decorative reverse flatlock, the stitch lays flat so the bulk of the seams is minimized.

Originally, I was just going to show you how to do a decorative reverse flatlock.  Then I thought it would be fun to compare these two stitches.  The only difference between them is where you put the decorative thread.  Join me for today’s tutorial –  Decorative Reverse Flatlock Vs. Decorative Flatlock to check out all the details.  …And one little plug for my February Workshop… If you live in Florida and you have President’s Weekend free… consider joining us.  This is one of the patterns we’ll be working with!  The amazing price for this workshop includes gray sports knit and the patterns!!