Hello world!

Hey Everyone,  Welcome to my new blog.  My original website was attacked by a virus and some computer bots…  We tried to fix it but it became overwhelming and I couldn’t be sure if I would be able to completely remove all the cooties.  So, I’ve started from scratch because  I want to assure you that my site is completely safe and secure.  I’ve upgraded my hosting to include site security and now I have the cute little lock by my web address in the address bar.

Unfortunately,  I was not able to save all my blog content.  I had over 400 blog posts that I’ve deleted. The good news is that I have a video tutorial for many of the posts that featured a new technique, fitting adjustment or design idea.  If you’re looking for something, you will probably be able to find it on my YouTube Channel.

I did save the last few blog posts before I deleted my site.  I will be adding those back in.   I will also be adding thing back into my store, workshop and events pages.  If you’re looking for the Point Perfect Point Turner.  I’ve added that to my Store already.

I’m hoping to get everything back into place in the next day or so.  Thank you for your patience.  Jen

2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Happy to see your blog back up!! Looking forward to the sewing challenge at Flemming Island, Florida. The weekend of February 17 -19!!! Registered and all ready packed!

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